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Keynote Speakers

Virpi Sulosaari RN, MNSc, PhD, post doctoral research, University of Turku, joined the academic community after working as a registered nurse for ten years. Currently, she is a senior lecturer in Turku University of Applied Sciences in the master in health care-programme and postdoctoral researcher in University of Turku. Her PhD-study was focused on nursing students' medication competence and associated factors. Her doctoral study represents example of nursing education research including two integrative literature reviews. Her nursing background is in cancer care and she has specialized on hematology nursing. In the beginning of teacher career, she was a clinical teacher at the university hospital for three years.

She has been teaching and developing under and postgraduate medication and pharmacology education local, national and international level in Finland since 2007. Her teaching areas include advanced oncology nursing, palliative care, medication safety and risk management in undergraduate and postgraduate level and in further education. Recently, she has been involved with advanced nursing practitioner and nurse prescribing education. Virpi is well known also in her work in several national Finnish multidisciplinary groups, such as cheer of the Health Care Education group of the Finnish Medicine Information Network and national UAS network of nurse prescribing.

Virpi Sulosaari was one of the key organizers in launching the 1st Forum Nurse Educators arranged in Rovaniemi, Finland 2011 and part of the scientific panel and organizing group of the 2nd Forum for Nurse Educators in Gävle, Sweden 2013. She has been a coordinator of Finnish Medication Education Development Group of Experts (LOKKA) 2009-2011, and a member since 2011. Furthermore, she has been coordinator of the Nordic Nursing Medication Educators' Collaboration (MEDICO) since 2011. MEDICO group supports the organization of Nordic forums for nurse education.

Leena Salminen PhD, Adjunct Professor, works as a university lecturer at the University of Turku, Department of Nursing Science. Leena is responsible of nurse teacher education and training in this department. Before starting to work in the university she was many years as a lecturer in nursing education in the Universities of Applied Sciences in different places in Finland. Main research areas are the competence of nurse teachers and the learning outcomes of health care education. She is also interested in historical research and how different generations experience the society and how they think about teaching and learning. She has published about 50 international and national articles and been an author of nursing teacher education handbooks.

Patrick Van Gele MSNI, RN. Patrick Van Gele is from Belgian origin. He started his professional career in Switzerland in the early '80 as a critical care nurse. He took on different responsibilities and positions in the clinical, managerial and educational field of healthcare. He holds a Master degree in health management. As a dean of the nursing faculty, he initiated the development of the bachelor program in nursing at HESAV, University of Health Sciences in Lausanne, which is now the largest health faculty of Western Switzerland. He fosters active learning as the main strategy for professional development and, over the last 10 years, has been instrumental in promotion of , development and research in simulation education in Europe. He has been part of different research initiatives and has organized numerous conferences in the domain of simulation all over Europe. He is founding member of The International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning Chapter Europe, past board member of the Swiss Association for Simulation in Healthcare and of the Global Network of Simulation in Healthcare.

Kristina Mikkonen RN, PhD is a teacher and researcher at the Research Unit of Nursing Science and Health Management at the University of Oulu in Finland. Her research focuses on clinical learning environment, supervision, and mentorship of healthcare students. She specializes on culturally and linguistically diverse and domestic students, and cross-cultural comparisons in their mentorship. Her professional background includes multicultural education from Lithuania, Germany, England and Finland, with international working experience in mentoring nursing students. She is a teacher in health sciences with experience in teaching degree students at the University of Oulu. Kristina has a personal belief that the calling to be a teacher lies in the commitment for continual learning to become an excellent professional and in becoming a personal support for students, helping them to become independent to create their future goals and find their direction in life.

Updated: 06.09.2017