Author Quideline for Abstract and for Presentation

Abstract submission

Abstract submission deadline 25.05.2017 to -W2=he[D]Gwmk?s!TxK+0ocy6V]#[vG!yRIB0P9ezvK#@Ch7y$cI'v8.
Notice of Acceptance: 20.06.2017

We are accepting online abstract submissions for the oral and poster presentations. Each abstract is limited to 350 words. Write the abstract title in CAPITAL LETTERS. The abstract must include the author(s) family name(s) and initials, author institution, town, country. Please include complete information for additional authors, including institution and credentials.

The abstract text must contain headings of Background, Aim, Method, Results, Conclusions, Keywords (5-7).

The presentations are about development projects and researches covering the topics
Nursing Competence of Nursing Students
Nursing and Teaching Competences of Nurse Educators
Clinical Learning Enviroment – in essence of learning to become a registered nurse
Innovative Teaching and Learning methods
Postgraduate education of nurses - current trends in Europe

Peer rewiev process

All submitted abstracts will go through a peer review process carried out by a reviewing committee/scientific committee.

Presentation quideline

Oral presentation should be 20 minutes and 10 minutes discussion will follow.

Poster presentation maximum dimension: 115 cm x 75 cm. Poster presentation will be included in the conference program.

Updated: 13.04.2017