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Jaanika Niinepuu


Graduation ceremony

(07. June 2017)

Graduation ceremony of THCC is going to be held in 22nd June 2017.

Health in our hands

(03. February 2017)

International student conference in health sciences „Health in our Hands" will be held on 23 November 2017 at Tartu Health Care College (Nooruse 5, Tartu, Estonia).

The aim of the conference is to promote interactions among undergraduate and graduate (2015, 2016) healthcare students and lecturers from different fields (healthcare, medicine, pharmacy, physiotherapy, nursing, midwifery, biomedical science etc), countries, and exchange of research knowledge and experiences. There is no registration/participation fee for participants!

THCC is organizing Nordic Forum for Nurse Educators in 14 - 15 November 2017. Main topic of the forum is: is nursing education up to the date? The forum presentations will focus on nurses' and nursing educators' competences, innovative teaching and learning methods, clinical learning environment and post-graduate education of nurses. All teachers, lecturers, tutors, nurses, other health professionals and students in health care field are very welcome to participate!

Graduation ceremony

(27. January 2017)

Graduation ceremony of THCC is going to be held in 3rd February 2017 at 12 o'clock in THCC (Nooruse 5, Tartu).

Seven-member electoral board chose Ulla Preeden (on the picture) to be Tartu Health Care College`s (THCC) new rector. Rector's term of office will start on 1 July and is going to last for five years. Current rectror, Anneli Kannus decided not to stand for new term.

205th anniversary

(09. March 2016)

Year 2016 is the year of college`s 205th anniversary. For this case Tartu Health Care College is going to make 205 good deeds in 2016 involving students, lecturers, staff and good partners to improve for example learning environment, healthy habits of the community, to raise awareness among youngsters, give practical advice, support charity work etc.

For futher information please contact our Head of Communications, Jaanika Niinepuu (jaanikaniinepuu) or Marketing Specialist, Ruth Pihle (Kgf|1wlCpqE3oTmkO9ML]#[=][e|aU+V.0}_Gc_1F/.).

Renewal of the logo

(09. March 2016)

The college`s logo has completed a facelift, thereby it`s symbolic part has remained the same, updates are regarding typography. Logo designer is Artur Kuus from Makett; a lecturer of Tartu Art College and a designer of Estonian daily Postimees.

Updated: 14.03.2017