Tervishoiu Kõrgkool :: Why study?

Joint Baltic Master's Programme In Radiography
(Joint Baltic MPR)

Joint Baltic MPR enables to study in different countries: in Estonia at Tartu Health Care College and in Lithuania at Klaipeda University.

Tartu Health Care College offers a great study environment with modern building and auditoriums, labs with high quality equipment and a great library. Student can acquire knowledge from lecturers of international level and learn from experienced and skilled practitioners. In addition a student will have truly multicultural surroundings with fellow students and lecturers coming from different part of the world.

Tartu Health Care College and Klaipeda University will award student with Joint Master's Degree in Radiography.

Radiography is one of the fastest developing fields in modern medicine. It is vital for diagnosing pathologies, determining the correct treatment plan and treating patients.

On time and accurate diagnosis improves health, quality of life and extends life expectance. It also cuts the cost of medicine to the society.

Student has the opportunity to gain profound skills and high level radiographic knowledge in chosen field. We offer a contemporary attainments and ethical values to work with patients and communities. Student will be given a possibility to learn about scientific method and science-based research.

1. Radiotherapy (available from 2017/2018). Radiotherapy is therapy using ionizing radiation to control or kill malignant cells in specific area while preserving health tissue.
2. Magnetic Resonance Imaging, MRI (available from 2017/2018). MRI is a method that is used in medicine to make images of soft tissues.
3. Conventional Radiography (available from 2017/2018). Conventional Radiography is the practice of producing two-dimensional images using x-ray radiation. Conventional radiography is the cornerstone of modern medical imaging, and can be used to image almost every part of the human body.
4. Ultrasound (soon available)
5. Interventional Radiography and Angiography (soon available)
6. Computer tomography (soon available)
7. Nuclear Medicine (soon available)

One of the unique features of Joint Baltic MPR is its large scale internship module.

Students will be provided with opportunities to find excellent internship possibilities in different health care institution throughout Europe to support student's efforts in becoming a renowned specialist in chosen field. Student will gain valuable international connections and work experiences abroad.

In Tartu Health Care College there are number of traditions that help the student to make social and academical connections. Student will have plenty of chances to participate in Radiography related events (conferences, workshops, events of Estonian Society of Radiographers) and have possibilities to present one's academical achievements in public.

Joint Baltic MPR enables to plan a future career at least in four different ways.

Recognized specialist of the chosen speciality – student is given the chance to acquire values, modern skills and profound learning of the field.

Teaching or supervising – student graduating from Joint Baltic MPR has enough competence and deeper understanding of the chosen field to educate other (supervising students of radiography on Bachelor level and similar).

Research or development – the Joint Baltic MPR offers knowledge about scientific method, obtained dexterity and understanding of the chosen field. It is possible to become a leading scientist in attained specialization field and to widen the limits of possible via research and further studies (doctoral studies).

Management – qualifications, experience and knowledge that the student is given enables one to have in the future a management or an expert position. Graduates may find employment in medical facilities and as civil servants in ministries (e.g. Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of the Interior) and municipal governments.

Updated: 02.08.2017