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The Structure of the College

The THCC structure involves the Study Department, the Development Department and the Administrative Department. Activities of the Departments are regulated by their Statutes. Administration of the THCC involves the Rector, the Vice-Rector for Studies, the Vice-Rector for Development and the Administrative Director who are leading the appropriate Departments. Responsibilities at all the management levels are determined by the Rector's Directive. Job descriptions have been adopted for all the posts and they are accessible over the THCC intranet. The job descriptions are altered due to structural changes or reviewed together with the employees at least every two years.

The THCC Advisory Body is the body of advisors linking the THCC with the community/society and it is elected under the conditions and following the procedure set by the Institutions of Professional Higher Education Act. The Advisory Body consists of the representatives of external interested parties. The THCC Council is an internal body consisting of representatives of the Administration, seven lecturers and four students.


Updated: 22.03.2016