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About Tartu Health Care College

The year of foundation of the College is considered to be 1811 when professor Christian Friedrich von Deutsch started with a school for midwives at the Obstetric Clinic of Tartu University. This educational institution has provided education and training for 205 years, since 2005 as a higher education institution.

During its 200 years of history, the College has had different names and provided instruction in several areas of specialisation and levels of study. In 2005, six study programmes were accredited at the level of professional higher education and the school received the name of Tartu Health Care College. The College is led by Rector Ulla Preeden together with the Advisory Board and Board of Tartu Health Care College.

The activity of the College is based on its statutes as well as the Development Plan, the Activity Plan and the Quality Manual, the Rules of Open College and the statutes of the Applied Research Council.

Professional higher education is acquired through the study programmes on midwifery, nursing, nurse-specialists, bioanalytic laboratori scientsist, environmental health, radiography and physiotherapy, and vocational education is acquired through the study programmes for care workers, child minders and emergency medical technicians.

If you were to ask a student from Estonia why they chose to study at Tartu Health Care College, these are some of the answers you would probably hear:

  • I have been admiring the work of nurses and doctors in the TV series ever since I was a child;
  • I have the chance help people as the world's population gets ever older and sicker;
  • I have always admired the skill of finding information which can change the course of events in a drop of blood;
  • today, a baby weighing half a kilo would likely stay alive and I could help it do so;
  • thanks to medical rehabilitation, I can once again jump over puddles;
  • with the help of technology, I can see what is going on in a human body;
  • my friends say that this is the best college for friendly and open people;
  • I can belong to the Student Council;
  • I have gained the courage to apply theory in practice in the best way when I am working;
  • I have 65 Erasmus partners to choose from to apply for a placement;
  • I can participate in the work of professional associations and networks;
  • I can apply for a Master's degree course in any higher educational institution in the world.

Whatever the reasons that people come to study and teach in Tartu Health Care College, one thing is certain: the people in our College love their college and studies, as well as to teach and work in the field of health care.

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Updated: 01.12.2016